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UK - Constituency Information

Constituency name and ID reconciliation information.

UK - Registers of Members Interest

MPs declare conflicts of interest, and sources of their income.

UK - MP Expenses (2001-2009)

MP Expenses, xml-formatted with PublicWhip ID.

TheyWorkForYou API

Explore TheyWorkForYou's information on UK Politicians, parliamentary debates, written answers, and written ministerial statements.

UK - ParlParse formatted Hansard Speeches and Questions

XML files containing debates in the main chambers (from 1918) and in Westminster Hall from the start of the 2001 parliament (Commons) or 1999 reform (Lords). Speeches and the speaker are labelled with unique identifiers, as are divisions and how each MP or Lord voted.

UK - Westminster Parliament Member Information

Data on Members of Parliament in the UK.

WhatDoTheyKnow API

Instructions on how to access RSS and JSON feeds from

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