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Geographic overlaps

Tables of area and population overlap between geography types

Parliament Constituencies 2025

Lookup table and geodata for (currently future) 2025 constituencies. This merges the geodata from the four boundary commissions and adds a consistent set of headings. In advance of a complete ONS ID, we use a unique identifer based on Rae and Brown's 3 letter codes (

UK Parliament 2025 postcode lookup

Lookup from GB postcodes to new Parliamentary constituency. Based on OS Code Point Open - NI postcodes not included because of licencing.

Climate Scorecard Data 2022 (all)

Processed and raw data for the 2022 Council Climate Scorecards

Scorecard data (by council group)

Scorecards score information with seperate tables for each council type/group

Citizens Assembly Register

Dataset of known citizen assemblies in the UK and their reports. See the [GitHub page]( for instructions on adding new data. This dataset itself is licenced as CC-BY-4.0 - cached versions of reports may be licenced in different ways.

Politician Data: UK — House of Commons

Data on the people within the House of Commons legislature of United Kingdom.

UK local authority emissions data

Transformation of BEIS UK local authority subset data

UK Local Authorities (past and current)

A dataset that includes current and some past local authorities

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