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Local Authority Climate Action Plans Corpus

This includes all the documents we’ve found including Climate Action Plans, Climate strategies, pre plans etc. As well as the PDFs, or HTML pages, of the plans, this includes a CSV file (plans.csv) with details and sources for all the included files, along with information like GSS codes to enable linking to other data.

Climate Action Plans API

API to access information on the plans and climate commitments of local authorites.

UK - Constituency Information

Constituency name and ID reconciliation information.

EU Referendum Keywords in WhatDoTheyKnow Requests

Data behind a blog post on how the EU Referendum affected requests made through WhatDoTheyKnow, available at https://www.mysociety.org/2016/10/19/what-do-we-know-about-the-eu-referendum.

Local authority climate emergency declarations

Dataset of local authority declarations of a climate emergency with key features flagged

Local authority climate plans metadata

Online location and basic description of contents of LA climate action plans

Local authority net zero commitments

Dataset of net zero promises made by local authorities, including their scope and timeline

Local Government FOI Statistics

Data release to accompany 2019 research report Freedom of Information in Local Government. These csvs contain the collective information obtained via FOI (on WhatDoTheyKnow.com) on FOI statistics and administration of local authorities in the UK. Each entry has a link to the relevant FOI - where examining individual examples it's best to refer back to the original FOI in case of transcription errors.

MapIt UK

Convert UK postcodes and geographical coordinates to administrative areas. MapIt API access starts at £20/mth, and is free for low-volume non-profit use.

Mapumental API

Mapumental shows public transport travel times, from or to a chosen postcode, on a timebanded map. These can be embedded in websites, apps or online tools, or used for internal research purposes.

UK - Registers of Members Interest

MPs declare conflicts of interest, and sources of their income.

UK - MP Expenses (2001-2009)

MP Expenses, xml-formatted with PublicWhip ID.

Scotland Climate Emissions Projects

Reformatted version of data published at https://sustainablescotlandnetwork.org/reports

TheyWorkForYou API

Explore TheyWorkForYou's information on UK Politicians, parliamentary debates, written answers, and written ministerial statements.

UK - ParlParse formatted Hansard Speeches and Questions

XML files containing debates in the main chambers (from 1918) and in Westminster Hall from the start of the 2001 parliament (Commons) or 1999 reform (Lords). Speeches and the speaker are labelled with unique identifiers, as are divisions and how each MP or Lord voted.

UK Local Authorities (including future)

A dataset that includes current and previous local authorities, as well as some planned but not in force yet

UK Composite Urban Rural Classification (RUC)

UK-wide dataset of the urban/rural nature of small-areas (LSOA/DZ/SOAs)

WhatDoTheyKnow Authorities Dataset

Dataset of UK public authorities and tags that powers WhatDoTheyKnow

UK - Westminster Parliament Member Information

Data on Members of Parliament in the UK.

WhatDoTheyKnow API

Instructions on how to access RSS and JSON feeds from WhatDoTheyKnow.com

WriteToThem Zeitgeist

Data on the responsiveness rate of MPs to messages sent via WriteToThem, based on responses to our two-week followup survey. For more, see https://www.writetothem.com/stats.

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